Tuesday, April 22, 2008

denise faustman may be mother teresa reincarnated as a doctor

dr. denise faustman is this awesome immunologist-researcher at harvard.  she's spent her time in the lab trying to find cures for autoimmune disease.  

she just got her clinical trials approved in march for trying out the BCG vaccine (a tried-and-true tB drug) as a type 1 diabetes cure!  
it's cheap!
it's safe!
it uh,
worked in mice!


animal models don't always work on humans (about a 50/50 chance...sometimes less!)

oh well, but this woman is a saint if it does work because it'll be like....getting vaccinated against myself.  er, i mean my tonya t-cells who can't stop attacking poor peabody's betas.  what should i call 'beta'?  barry?  bartholomew?  bernadette?

the vaccine'll be like guantanomo bay for t-cell (real) terrorists. 
(if only we knew when to draw the line....)

actually, this woman'll be a saint just for tryin'.   she calls it re-educating the confused t-cells.
(how very...rumsfield-y of her!)  

either way friends, look up "dr. denise faustman type 1 diabetes"  on google news and you will see all sorts of wonderful articles pop up about this incredible woman.      


Anonymous said...

I think i've been in love with toddler's feet since I was a toddler. I wonder if that made me a selfish infant...
New word of the day: Rumsfield-y. I'll be using that tomorrow and crediting my big cousin out in New Mexico.
(If you couldn't tell, the joke in the last sentence was big. 108. pounds. ha.)

Smilingpenguin said...

Thank you for starting this blog. I have been thinking about you a lot and this will be a great way for me to see how you are doing. Much love to you!

Bernard said...

Better yet, look her up on my diabetes search tool and see what comes up.

I met Dr. Faustman in January. What a great woman! I hope to see her again in September, I'll post an update after that meeting. We're all saying our prayers.

Lea said...

Hi Emily,
Welcome to the OC. I learned of your blog from Bernard and I have to day I love how upbeat you are. It's a pleasure to "meet" you, and hope you will make your way over to TuDiabetes...it's an awesome community and I learned alot about T1 just from other's experiences. The same can be said for the various blogs written by members of the OC.
if you don't mind I'd like to add you to my blogroll.
Take care,

Scott said...

Hi Emily,

Denise Faustman is a very interesting woman. A researcher I met a few weeks ago told me she was truly a child genius, having been admitted into med school as a teenager!

Let's hope her theories prove themselves in practice!


k2 said...

Hi Em -
Welcome to D-Blog Land - Your going to learn a lot & meet some very cool peeps!
Stay positive and ALWAYS laugh whenever possible!