Saturday, April 19, 2008

it's all about the cake~

at this point, my friends, it's all about the cake. 
when can we have it, how much can we have, and what kind it'll be.

chocolate for me, thanks.

but *sigh*
having that stupid piece of cake is uh, no cake walk.

you should've seen my sugar when i did! whew!
so i'm still trying to figure the whole "live normally" [but not] part of type one diabetes.  everyone tells you that you can eat what you want...."as long as you account for it with insulin."   and believe me, i eat really healthy.  
but geeeez, no cake? ever?
   i could always head over to prakash's restaurant and have vegan carob spelt cake. 

for some reason, it just doesn't umm, sound the same...
  i think i'll go make some green tea.  
  (too bad it's not a hallucinogenic, eh?)

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