Sunday, April 20, 2008


 this morning i finally woke up with a normal blood sugar!  (it's usually really low and you can find me wobbling my way into kitchen to slam into the fridge and guzzle o.j.)

whew hooo!  103!

and i've not needed insulin yet today; thanks to what is called a honeymoon phase. 
it's not really a great thing, though, folks.  honeymooning is when newly diagnosed type 1's secrete a bit of insulin still...usually before their pancreas completely poops out.  i can just picture peabody:
"waitwaitwait! i can doooooooo it!!!  here's some, just a little!"
like he's wringing a dry towel or something, poor fella.
 (hey, i'm milking this time for all it's worth, though, so gimme a break.) 

plus, exercise helps the body in glucose uptake (just like insulin does) so a little help to the muscles goes a long way.  
   hey!  and i gained all my weight back!  i'm not 90lbs anymore!  i'm back to....108!  

i know, i know.  it may not seem like a big deal to a skinny gal, but hey, i'm holding onto my cellulite for dear life at this point!

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