Saturday, April 26, 2008

pulling me up by the hair...with blueberries~

so i had a dream last night about my best teenage friend.  but i must first introduce you to something that really happened between us:
     we were at the beach (i grew up on the east coast; no, there are no beaches in new mexico...well, it's one big beach.)
*sigh* anyway:
      so we were at the beach wading in the sea, and i guess i was looking at something and then fell over, or was just paddling about and then this wave crashed.  she got all freaked out and thought i was drowning, so she grabbed my hair and pulled me up!  right out of the sea by my hair!  
      the point of my tale is coming.
so last night i had this dream where she and i were talking and i said, 
"oh, i think i have low blood sugar."  she replies, 
"well, take one of those lifesavers."
i do.
and you know what?
mmmmm, blueberry!

so THEN i wake up, i sit up and realize i really do feel low blood sugar! (it was only 4 in the morning, folks.)
so i test myself and ta-da!  it's like, 59.  ugh

but alas!  no blueberry lifesavers!  only o.j.

funny though, it was like those dreams where you need to pee really bad so you start looking for a bathroom and then, hopefully, when you do, you wake-up (wake-up! don't pee on yourself!) to actually do your thing. thank god for potty training. 

 it was like she 'saved' me once again---only this time, with blueberry lifesavers instead of pulling me up by my hair. 

well, thank god brain on honeymooning?

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Windy said...

Hey Emily! I'm Windy. Welcome to the DiabetesOC!!! Sucks that you have diabetes, but their are an amazing bunch of people here to support you, laugh with you, and cry too. =)