Thursday, April 17, 2008

a word to the worried~

i realize that many people may begin reading my new blog and say "she suggests the book 'the diabetes cure'?! she does realize she has type one diabetes, right?"
   yessssssssssssss, there is no cure for type one diabetes, friends.  i am insulin dependent.  but i want to emphasize how important diet is for all people living and breathing.  it makes me incredibly sick how we eat in this country.  let me tell you, especially after you see the way the poor are essentially forced to eat....well, i can hardly breathe when i eat around people who actually choose bad diets having no notion of their biochemical pathways.
  maybe that sounds arrogant.  but i just want people to understand that i've always taken food seriously.  i really do believe that our food truly is our first line of defense against illness.  when you hear me saying this, you may be thinking, "well then why did you get diabetes, hmmmmm??"    
 i get it.  but i also have no idea why i did.  that is why people need to read 'when bad things happen to good people'.  because you know, sometimes, there just isn't a reason.  no lesson, no punishment, no reward.  it just is what it is.  and as kushner tells us in his book, 
        'we should not be asking , "why me?" but rather, "now that this has  happened to me, how am i going to make it meaningful?" '
 that's where i'm at right now.  as you learn about me, hopefully you will see this evolution.  either way, good health is key to all good life, no matter who you are.   

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