Monday, May 19, 2008

ayurvedic cuisine, anyone?

so i had ayurvedic food the other night for dinner (no boos!) and it was dal with a big bowl of steamed veggies.  because i'm still working on those higher night sugars (let alone post-meal numbers)  i usually take extra insulin due to the lantus wearing off, and the tendency for high nights.  but, i had a LOT of food---with the dal being my carbohydrate and protein portion of the meal. with only 3 units, i got super hypoglycemic.  this got me thinking about how an ayurvedic diet may help me out.  it's great because it's all complex carbs, and although i'm not a vegetarian (more of a fishken), i could incorporate these and do my mediterranean diet elements also.  
      hmmmmm, i'll think on this and see what happens the more i run.  i mean, i'm down to 5 units a day of Lantus because my Endo says i have 20% function left (for the time being...) and so i'm always needing more pre-dinner insulin...  but also because of those terrible lows when Peabody just randomly decides to help me out (thanks, buddy.  i know you're trying!) but those dinner results really got me thinking about diet and complex carbohydrate, etc...(even more than us crazy type 1's already do, eh?)

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