Saturday, May 3, 2008

well, since you asked~

some people have been asking me what my regimen is, being a new type 1.  my sugars tend to stay in the target range, although i do have slightly elevated evening sugars (about 150.)  my lantus dose keeps getting lowered because of how low i tend to be in the morning and afternoon.  so, my bolus dose is quite low, also.  i think a lot of this is due to honeymooning.  (see post entitled 'juiced' for a description of honeymooning.) 
   in the morning, i eat yogurt with berries, nuts, and wheatgerm.  no insulin.  my naturopath prescribed 200mg alpha lipoic acid (wonders!) in the a.m, 1 gram niacinamide in a.m (only for the next year will i do this), and 400 mg gymnema (ayurvedic herb for diabetics) in the a.m. i also have a cup of green tea.  i then bike to school.
    around 10am i have a piece of fruit or a handful of seeds or nuts.
   at lunchtime, i am usually in the 90's or low 100's.  i usually do not need insulin.  i always always eat greens with cheese, and beans or quinoa for lunch.  i then take 1 gram of niacinamide, 100 mg gymnema, 1000mg  fish oil, and a whole food vitamin (not the brand!)
    around 2 or 3 pm i have some more fruit or nuts. or cheese and whole wheat crackers. then i bike home. 
   for dinner, i make veggies with fish, vegetarian protein, or white meat. rarely, if ever, do i eat red meat.  my 'natural medicine for diabetes' book (see "books to devour" section of blog) recommends red meat only once a month, if ever.  i always eat greens with dinner, too.  then i take my final 1 gram of niacinamide, 100 mg gymnema, and 200 mg alpha lipoic acid.
    i have a cup of green tea before bed and 2.5 mg melatonin (assists in glucose control.)  
of course, there are days i have sweets and 'treat drinks' as i call them.  i'm just careful not to do it everyday.  
     i can't stress enough the importance of greens.  it really helps to keep my sugar stable and to burn fuel slowly.
     the supplement protocol my naturopath has me on is temporary for new onset type 1's.  it is meant to assist in glucose control, beta cell function (if there is any left...) and to begin complication prevention.  i will most likely continue with the alpha lipoic acid and green tea, though.  i will begin taking gamma vitamin e, (once i remember to buy it! ha!)
       all in all, i feel a lot better.  the last week or so, i've experienced quite a few lows even with very little pre-meal insulin, leading me to not really need it, with the exception of dinner, as that is my highest carb meal of the day. 
       in total, i only take approximately 12 units of insulin (including my lantus) a day right now.  we'll see in a few months, when my body is fully adjusted to being type 1, how this all pans out. 

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