Monday, June 23, 2008

deceptive desserts~


    i've made some really amazing treats.  folks, i'm only sharing this because, well, it was worth like, 3 grams of carbohydrate!  you don't even need insulin! yahoo!
    so here it goes.  i got onto's lowcarbdiet thing---NOT because i eat a low carb diet, but you know, with type 1 it's like, "um, no i do not want to take 6 units of insulin for that piece of cake..."
so i found their dessert section, and yumyumyum!!!  i made homeade peanut butter cups (with cocoa!) and brownies, and coconut raspberry muffins! yaaay!  treats!  
    i didn't use splenda,  because splenda freaks me out.  i used stevia, a plant.  i may look into erythritol  (a sugar alcohol) but because i'm a naturalgeek, i've gotta take a closer look at the molecular make-up.  
  the real key with these treats is that there is no sugar or white flour used, instead things like flax meal, almond flour, and coconut flour.  also, unsweetened coco sweetened with something like stevia or berries.  yum!  (i can't stop saying that)  they're great midday snacks, so you can have your major carbohydrate content filled with insulin needs at actual meals.   so great!  

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Anonymous said...

I've heard of stevia before, but I haven't tried it yet even though I'd like to. I'm guessing it worked well? Did you have to adjust anything in the recipe?

As for French, I would say I am "functionally fluent," although I am leaving on Thursday (!) to study abroad in Paris for six weeks - so I'm hoping my skills will improve! :)
- Justine