Monday, June 2, 2008


i've been reading some literature on type 1 diabetic women and the incidence of premature menopause.  uh-oh.  the peri-menopausal phase tends to begin around age 35 (instead of 40.)  that's like 5 or 6 years earlier than the average!  bummerrrrrrrr.
    i don't know if many of you know this, but i'm turning 28. i'm in my last year of pre-med and boy, did type 1 throw my plans off track, eh?  i want to go to medical school and i'm 28, which is fine. but i'm all this and type 1 now.  i don't care about age, i'm all for trying anything and everything you want when you want to.  
     such as, i can picture myself at the age of eighty taking up the uh....tuba or something strange.  or writing a children's book illustrated by a long lost love.  or hiking mt. kilimanjaro.  (ok, maybe i won't physically be able to do that, but anyone who knows me, knows i'll try.)
    my point is, my internist told me it'd be best to make a flip: have the kiddos first, and then go to medical school.  he said this is to ensure that i'm giving pregnancy my best shot, rather than at like, 35.  
but wow! this is quite the news!  whew! the adjusting that needs to be done.  but you know something?  it's all small stuff.  really, i'm not just saying that.  it's like, hey!  i'm still here!  i'm still kickin'!  i can be GUMBY!  dammit, i am beyond gumby-like now.  
      i'm lucky in that i have a superman partner in life.  i'd like that guarantee of at least trying when my eggs are still jumping around happily waiting for matthew's uh...well, you get the idea.  these are all the eggs i've got!  no chances on turnin'  into the rio grande here.
      i wonder why there is not more information in general on type 1 diabetes and women.  and certainly type 1 and pregnancy.  i was not able to participate, but the way cool peeps at Diabetes Talkfest had dr. lois jovanovic (who is a type 1 endo) on to discuss the former.  she has a new book coming out this month on diabetes and pregnancy.   it's on amazon, but she told everyone in the forum it's written for all women, not just physicians!  yaaay!  user friendly reading!  
       well, i'd love to hear from other type 1 gals/moms/friends or anyone who knows about healthy type 1 pregnancies that can tell me something other than  "as long as you have tight control, you'll be fine..."  details!  and being the science geek i am, preferably statistics and ideas and all that good stuff we latch onto when trying to learn about this disease!   i'm still sad that i'll be considered 'high risk'.  i was all about prenatal yoga and a homebirth!  yaya, call me a hippie, but i've never wanted to be hooked  up to all kinds of machines and drips and having strange doctors wearing mean eyeglasses glaring at my vulva and screaming "PUUUUUUUSH!!"  (what the? ) only to have them cut you because they're gonna miss their flight to brazil.
oh dear god.  i'm gonna need a really great doula.   

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