Friday, June 20, 2008

quantum leap~

i have the cutest internist.  his name's scott.  he's a resident.  nonono, he's not cute in that way, i don't have a crush on him.  i have a 'hug' attraction to him because he's so warm and friendly.  he was so awesome to me in the ER the night i got diagnosed in march.  
 it's two in the morning, and he plops down in the squeaky chair beside my skinny ass and says, 
"hi!  you're my first patient!"
"what?!  you mean your first patient?"
 shit!  i'm thinking.
"of the night, girl!" he says, laughing. 
"whoa!" he says, looking at my chart.
"have you got an adjustment to make!"  
the next day, scott asked me to be his... patient. *sigh*.  

haha.  so, anyway, scott says the other day that "i'm his little star" and that i'm doing awesome.  

man, that makes me feel so good to have people let me know that i'm probably not gonna die young of kidney failure and amputations and blindness and heart disease.   

i love you peabody!  keep giving me your 20%! 

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