Wednesday, June 11, 2008


my hair is officially falling out.

yes, i am having a major moment of vanity.  

you see, i'm not a made-up make-uppy kind of gal. i don't even know how to use a hair dryer. and i can barely remember to shave my legs.  (whew! and i'm middle-eastern, so does it show!) my boyfriend calls me 'spike.'  
(that wasn't a joke.)

anywho, but my hair!  my lovely dark hair!  it was ok that it was going gray, like, bad.  but it was silvery!  and long! and, my boyfriend thought it was... sexy!  

ok, i'm one of those annoying lucky gals who could have hair growing on her ears and her boyfriend would still think she was sexy.  (you know the type:  "it's what on the inside that counts!")  and does he mean it!

but now this.  this "telogen effluvium"  crappola.  what the hell?!  i start taking insulin and my hair cycle stops?!  i didn't even know there was a hair cycle!  guess i missed that incredible class when it was offered at my university...

i read on some sites that once my metabolic system snaps out of the 'shock' it's in right now (snap out of it! you've got your insulin now!!!) that it will "re-enter" the growth cycle of the "hair cycle."  oh dear god, funfunfun.  ladies, tell me now whether or not i'm in for a long life of sad, stringy, patchy, pathetic hair or not.  
i promise, i can handle it.   hey, in any case, my boyfriend'll still think i'm sexy.  maybe he'll start calling me  "spikey string on a syringe."   

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