Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the truth sets you free~

today, my brother got diagnosed with type 1.  i just got diagnosed this march.  not too weird, eh?  both siblings get diabetes?

we're adopted.

folks, there's some disturbing results to the research i've been doing.  the only thing my brother and i have in common is this:  we both joined the military in 1999 and both got diagnosed in 2008.  coincidence?  i beg to differ.

 according to research by dr. john classen (and many others)  there is evidence of vaccine-induced type 1 diabetes amongst military members at an alarming rate.  however, because most members do not get diagnosed until they have been out of the service for a few years, they don't make the connections.  like us. 
      i was ready to accept my diagnosis as "it is what it is", bad luck, hell, i even thought it was 'environmental.'   however,  i cannot stand by and see an entity inject unknowing members with unstudied vaccines and then claim no negligence under the Feres Doctrine and it's "sovereign immunity."  people offer their lives for a small group of individuals who just want bigger cars, marble countertops, private jets... and their own free healthcare.   and what do they get in return?  missing limbs, lives, and now, pancreases.  god knows what else.  
     for a long time i've been involved in health justice and revolution.  the wrong people just lit a fire under my ass, and they're not gonna hear the end of it until people are better educated and informed about the need for vaccine safety, veteran justice, unjust wars, pathological corporations, and the never-ending need to take from those with so little already.   


Lili said...

Well, it's known already that there is an environmental component and (probably) a viral trigger besides the genetics. One of my childhood friends was diagnosed somewhat recently, and I always figured we were in a similar environment.

Anonymous said...

Which vaccination do you think might have trigger it? I should visit my Dr. and see how well I'm doing.