Wednesday, July 30, 2008

call me "trekkie type 1"~

so because i cannot afford insurance, i am at the mercy of my local hospital determining everything i use as a type 1. 

such as, last week i was informed that "due to 'problems' with the freestyle monitors (?) you will be buying a new one today [low cost---ya, right, i payed nearly $30 for my new 'super monitor']."  
who pays for glucose monitors?
so i buy it cos i'm just grateful to have 'low cost' healthcare from my university hospital. they did, after all, save my life.

however,  AH-HEM: 

when i got home i opened my new monitor and it became very clear to me that they (the university hospital) were the ones having 'problems' with the freestyle monitors.  this new one was clearly cheaper and uh, well, cheaper.
click, pull, push, drop like a third of your body's blood to get a sample (haha) and then sometimes it says, "not enough"  (!?#%@45%!?) 
the best part is that it has a 'secret door' that you open to push 10 other buttons just to get to your average.  nice. 

oh, did i mention that it looks like something out of star-trek? 
it's like, hey, don't mind her studying over here in a cafe!  i beep 5 times when in use, and scream:  HI, I AM EMILY'S GLUCOSE MONITOR, SHE HAS TYPE 1, STARE AT HER, SHE HAS A PROBLEM!

now don't get me wrong, i'm still grateful i have everything i need right now. 
but i loved my freestyle.  i named him fred. 
he was small, inconspicuous (looked like a cell-phone) and barely needed anything for my blood sample.  so i was basically, uh, not obvious.  
i know no matter how long you've had type 1, it's nice to not look obvious. 

did i mention i run?
hmmm, so now i'm trying to run with my trekkie-monitor and where the hell am i supposed to put it on my teeny-tiny body?!  


cheers, friends. cheers.  
oh, and happy monitoring to all you beautiful type 1's with hip little BGMs!  

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

refusing to be so insulin dependent~

so i went camping in the beautiful Pecos with my honey and best friends.  it was awesome!  PLUS, i barely took any insulin!

we hiked and ate the best food and drank water from the creek and lily my mangy mutt wandered around like she was in doggy heaven.  and i, my friends, i barely took any insulin!  haha.  i know i'm bragging, but it's so good to just EAT.  of course, it all had to do with the hours-long hikes.  but hey, i'm figuring this "insulin dependent diabetes" thing out, and something i've learned is combining carbohydrate with the wonders of FIBER and EXERCISE and WATER and PROTEIN.

ya put a type 1 on that plan and you've got nothing but awesome results to look forward to.  seriously, 6 units for one day (including my 24 hour dose) with super numbers to boot?

4 for the Lantus, and 2 for the uh, ya ok: smores!  you can't camp without fire and smores!!! i didn't need any for the other meals. 


Monday, July 14, 2008

healthcare is a right, not a privilege~

the waykoolkats over at diabetes talk fest are running a petition to be signed for insurance companies to stop banning continuous glucose monitors.  if you can, please head on over to gina's site ( and sign it.  
    these types of issues are extremely important, because although new technologies exist to make Type 1's lives better, it is often viewed as an accessory, and not a necessity.  
HA!  because having a pancreas that continuously monitors glucose levels in the body by itself  should be considered unnecessary!  

there's a gal online who pretended to have type 1 for a day.  she said she was 'overwhelmed' to say the least... 
everyone in those insurance companies should try being type 1 (let alone all of the other disease-processes they refuse care for) for a day and then tell me if it's fun to "think like a pancreas" all day every day in order to survive! 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

good junkies bring two needles~

ya, birdy, um, bent one into the side of her vial while out to eat and was forced to do strange things to get insulin into her abdomen.
uh! no backup!

i will nevernevernever do that again.  whew! what a bruise!


Friday, July 4, 2008

words to live by~

do what you love. 
know your own bone;
gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw at it still.
h.d thoreau, the sexiest man alive, er, dead.  

(what is it with me and guys with beards?)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

permit to protest~

our plans are almost in place.
my closest friends and i will soon be protesting, er, 'providing information to the misinformed' at our local MEPS (military entrance processing station).  this might change to a recruiter's station (you know, the friendly looking offices in strip malls between smoothie shops and blockbusters.)
this is due to the need to get the truth out there about research regarding vaccine-induced disease processes (like, um, type 1)  in military members.  
there's a (teeny tiny) chance that we might
so if you don't hear from me in a while, you know what happened. 
thank you ACLU for the info!
we probably need a 'permit to protest' (WTF?!) which we most likely will not receive (duh, who wants to give us one when we need more troops to invade iran?! you crazy byatch!)
cop watch anyone?  i will try to post the little card we will hand out when it is finished, then you can ALL print it to hand out to unknowing/misinformed members in your home states!  

(for a refresher on why i am doing this, refer to the post, "the truth sets you free." from june.)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

do you like my hair?

i finally got it right! 
well, just call me an andrews sister!
ya, that's me up there on your left, smiling like the fruitcake i am because i'm so excited i finally got my victory roll right...OHMYGOD i have a freakishly large smile.
still, grammy would be proud!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

words to the wicked~

so this young guy i know (well, he's 24, not too too young)  had symptoms of vertigo and then wobbly legs and then tremors and then blurred vision and blurred speech, and now, needs a catheter.

no one knows what's wrong with him.   they think his cerebellum might be "inflamed".  what does that mean?  

so matthew (my honeydew) and i have been visiting him.  he's a coworker of matt's, but is also a friend. 

he can hardly stand for 20 seconds.  he's been in the hospital for about 2 weeks.  2 weeks!  god, it's been so stressful for him.   when i look at him i am reminded of how we are not promised everyday, and, how in one day everything can change.  

so i started doing massage therapy for him, so his muscle tone doesn't waste, but also for the terrible back pain he's having being holed up like that in a hospital bed for 2 weeks.   but you know, as stressed out as he is, my heart moves for him because he still manages to crack jokes about needing to go to 'rehab.'  but it's true, he'll have to go to learn how to...walk again.  

we all thought it'd be over and done with by now.  he was so sure of it when he was first admitted, that he seemed more concerned with me and  how i had been doing than himself.  and now, the word "flabbergasted" only comes to mind.  i forget that we're all handed our different burdens for who knows what reason.  certainly not because we 'deserve' it or can 'handle' it.  

but you know what?  he's strong.  he's beating it, i can see it.  and i think it's because of the little accomplishments that occur for him right now.  "no matter what", we told him, "you'll always be you."  
when i got sick, you don't know how comforting that statement was.  it reminded me everyday that i was gonna make it out.  

he gave me a big hug after our massage session today.  
i told him to take it easy, you know, no cycling or mountain climbing or picking up hot transvestites on Central. 
he just laughed and told me he was glad to know that some things never change.