Wednesday, July 30, 2008

call me "trekkie type 1"~

so because i cannot afford insurance, i am at the mercy of my local hospital determining everything i use as a type 1. 

such as, last week i was informed that "due to 'problems' with the freestyle monitors (?) you will be buying a new one today [low cost---ya, right, i payed nearly $30 for my new 'super monitor']."  
who pays for glucose monitors?
so i buy it cos i'm just grateful to have 'low cost' healthcare from my university hospital. they did, after all, save my life.

however,  AH-HEM: 

when i got home i opened my new monitor and it became very clear to me that they (the university hospital) were the ones having 'problems' with the freestyle monitors.  this new one was clearly cheaper and uh, well, cheaper.
click, pull, push, drop like a third of your body's blood to get a sample (haha) and then sometimes it says, "not enough"  (!?#%@45%!?) 
the best part is that it has a 'secret door' that you open to push 10 other buttons just to get to your average.  nice. 

oh, did i mention that it looks like something out of star-trek? 
it's like, hey, don't mind her studying over here in a cafe!  i beep 5 times when in use, and scream:  HI, I AM EMILY'S GLUCOSE MONITOR, SHE HAS TYPE 1, STARE AT HER, SHE HAS A PROBLEM!

now don't get me wrong, i'm still grateful i have everything i need right now. 
but i loved my freestyle.  i named him fred. 
he was small, inconspicuous (looked like a cell-phone) and barely needed anything for my blood sample.  so i was basically, uh, not obvious.  
i know no matter how long you've had type 1, it's nice to not look obvious. 

did i mention i run?
hmmm, so now i'm trying to run with my trekkie-monitor and where the hell am i supposed to put it on my teeny-tiny body?!  


cheers, friends. cheers.  
oh, and happy monitoring to all you beautiful type 1's with hip little BGMs!  

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lilgranato said...

Poor Birdy. Really she has a Big FAT crackberry of a glucose monitor that almost requires a backpack to lug around. I am a very clise freind to her and I think it is a bunch of Bull #$%^ that this was done to her or any other person in her shoes. Our medical ssytem is so F*(& up. We dont value life in this country anymore. Its all about who can pay what for medical care. You almost have to bribe a senator from Alaska to get basic healthcare paid for. WE SUCK!