Monday, July 14, 2008

healthcare is a right, not a privilege~

the waykoolkats over at diabetes talk fest are running a petition to be signed for insurance companies to stop banning continuous glucose monitors.  if you can, please head on over to gina's site ( and sign it.  
    these types of issues are extremely important, because although new technologies exist to make Type 1's lives better, it is often viewed as an accessory, and not a necessity.  
HA!  because having a pancreas that continuously monitors glucose levels in the body by itself  should be considered unnecessary!  

there's a gal online who pretended to have type 1 for a day.  she said she was 'overwhelmed' to say the least... 
everyone in those insurance companies should try being type 1 (let alone all of the other disease-processes they refuse care for) for a day and then tell me if it's fun to "think like a pancreas" all day every day in order to survive! 

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