Thursday, July 3, 2008

permit to protest~

our plans are almost in place.
my closest friends and i will soon be protesting, er, 'providing information to the misinformed' at our local MEPS (military entrance processing station).  this might change to a recruiter's station (you know, the friendly looking offices in strip malls between smoothie shops and blockbusters.)
this is due to the need to get the truth out there about research regarding vaccine-induced disease processes (like, um, type 1)  in military members.  
there's a (teeny tiny) chance that we might
so if you don't hear from me in a while, you know what happened. 
thank you ACLU for the info!
we probably need a 'permit to protest' (WTF?!) which we most likely will not receive (duh, who wants to give us one when we need more troops to invade iran?! you crazy byatch!)
cop watch anyone?  i will try to post the little card we will hand out when it is finished, then you can ALL print it to hand out to unknowing/misinformed members in your home states!  

(for a refresher on why i am doing this, refer to the post, "the truth sets you free." from june.)

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