Tuesday, July 22, 2008

refusing to be so insulin dependent~

so i went camping in the beautiful Pecos with my honey and best friends.  it was awesome!  PLUS, i barely took any insulin!

we hiked and ate the best food and drank water from the creek and lily my mangy mutt wandered around like she was in doggy heaven.  and i, my friends, i barely took any insulin!  haha.  i know i'm bragging, but it's so good to just EAT.  of course, it all had to do with the hours-long hikes.  but hey, i'm figuring this "insulin dependent diabetes" thing out, and something i've learned is combining carbohydrate with the wonders of FIBER and EXERCISE and WATER and PROTEIN.

ya put a type 1 on that plan and you've got nothing but awesome results to look forward to.  seriously, 6 units for one day (including my 24 hour dose) with super numbers to boot?

4 for the Lantus, and 2 for the uh, ya ok: smores!  you can't camp without fire and smores!!! i didn't need any for the other meals. 


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Anonymous said...

that's wonderful! I've been experiencing some of the same over here in France - I've reduced my basal rate by 3-4 units, and my boluses, too. Its just so gratifying! hehe :)