Tuesday, July 1, 2008

words to the wicked~

so this young guy i know (well, he's 24, not too too young)  had symptoms of vertigo and then wobbly legs and then tremors and then blurred vision and blurred speech, and now, needs a catheter.

no one knows what's wrong with him.   they think his cerebellum might be "inflamed".  what does that mean?  

so matthew (my honeydew) and i have been visiting him.  he's a coworker of matt's, but is also a friend. 

he can hardly stand for 20 seconds.  he's been in the hospital for about 2 weeks.  2 weeks!  god, it's been so stressful for him.   when i look at him i am reminded of how we are not promised everyday, and, how in one day everything can change.  

so i started doing massage therapy for him, so his muscle tone doesn't waste, but also for the terrible back pain he's having being holed up like that in a hospital bed for 2 weeks.   but you know, as stressed out as he is, my heart moves for him because he still manages to crack jokes about needing to go to 'rehab.'  but it's true, he'll have to go to learn how to...walk again.  

we all thought it'd be over and done with by now.  he was so sure of it when he was first admitted, that he seemed more concerned with me and  how i had been doing than himself.  and now, the word "flabbergasted" only comes to mind.  i forget that we're all handed our different burdens for who knows what reason.  certainly not because we 'deserve' it or can 'handle' it.  

but you know what?  he's strong.  he's beating it, i can see it.  and i think it's because of the little accomplishments that occur for him right now.  "no matter what", we told him, "you'll always be you."  
when i got sick, you don't know how comforting that statement was.  it reminded me everyday that i was gonna make it out.  

he gave me a big hug after our massage session today.  
i told him to take it easy, you know, no cycling or mountain climbing or picking up hot transvestites on Central. 
he just laughed and told me he was glad to know that some things never change.  

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