Friday, August 22, 2008


a fellow type 1 blogger wanted to clarify the difference between cellular death and the possibility of regeneration.   i think this is important because the naturopathic physician i am seeing along side my allopathic practitioners does not in any way believe that beta cellular-regeneration is impossible. 
however, the beta cells produced by the pancreas in the past and present in a person with type 1 are attacked and destroyed by the immune-system's t-cells, never allowing those particular insulin-producing cells to come back---just like brain cells.  
the key of course to all of this is understanding that there is nothing wrong (per say) with a type 1's pancreas!
the problem is the immune-system.  it is essentially hyper-activated (the definition of autoimmunity) and attacking a specific organ/system within the body.  For example, with MS, the immune system attacks the myelin sheath of the spinal cord/nervous system leaving nerve fibers exposed and destructed, leading to degenerative function associated with MS sufferers.  
i believe that immunologists like dr. denise faustman are the key to our cure.  let's hope they can get to the bottom of this very destructive mode the immune-system gets in so that we can all live more wholly.
there are excellent books on autoimmunity out there, such as The Autoimmune Epidemic and Living Well with Autoimmune Disease. 

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