Tuesday, August 19, 2008

dear sunflower market~

i've never posted twice in one day, but here goes: 

just got back from sunflower market.  just bought from their bulk section.  got dark chocolate covered almonds.  mmmm, right? 
i'm reading the label on the bulk box:  "14 grams fiber, 2 grams carbohydrate, 0 grams sugar."


i ask the bulk-foods guys,  "hey uh, you sure this is right?  i mean, it's kinda important that i know the info's correct..."  my voice trails off, embarassed.
i know what they're thinking, "what's a skinny girl like you worrying about carbs for?!" 

no, i let it go.  i figure hey, i'm still learning, i was only diagnosed in march.  almonds are pretty high in fiber, but i didn't know that high...

then i get home and start thinking, you know that uh, analytical gal in me can't help it.


sure enough, i do some basic carbohydrate research online, and the truth is a real bummer for a gal craving some dark chocolate almonds: 
3 grams fiber, 22 grams carbohydrate, 17 grams sugar.

that's more like it. 

my heart, is seriously breaking.

should i tell them? 

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My Year Without said...

you should absolutely tell them! not only do they probably have no idea, it makes them look really bad to people like us who look into things like that (things that look too good to be true....usually are!).

the only dark chocolate i have ever tasted without sugar in the ingredients list, was the grossest thing i have EVER tasted in my life. and i am used to eating everything unsweetened to begin with. i can't imagine seeing dark chocolate covered almonds with no sugar in the ingredients list!

one possibility has just come to mind.....in the bulk section of my grocery store, they now offer dark chocolate covered almonds with "FruitSource" as the sweetener. It is a blend of fruit juices/sweeteners, but not defined as "sugar", although it probably does something very similar to blood sugar. anyway, you might look into that. also, were their almonds smaller-thus fewer carbs/fiber? anyway, i would definately find the right person to talk to and have a conversation. you may pave the way for future folks interested in such details!