Sunday, August 24, 2008

make it real~

while at work this weekend, i had the pleasure of working on a lovely young lady with down's syndrome.  she had come to see me (for massage therapy) because she'd just been in the special olympics and due to winning her many awards, was "sore all over!"
when i asked her what her other hobbies were, she said "boys." 
i said, "oh ya? you gotta a boyfriend?"
"yes, his name is joe jonas."

well, well, well.

now, not to sound perverted, i have to admit that i too, find little joe jonas to be the hottest of the hot jonas brothers.   nick, the one with type 1 is great too.  however, due to his diagnosis, i just want to squeeze his sweet cheeks and tell him his song, "a little bit longer" made this newly diagnosed 27 year old cry.  thank you, nick.  maybe someday you'll serenade all of us ladies with type 1 with your song and let us ruffle your curls. 

the beautiful gal i worked on had a just-as-sweet-mum.  her mother told me something lovely: 
"if reincarnation is real, then she's perfection reincarnated."
i couldn't agree more.  all this gal did was smile, talk about life, say how great the massage was, and giggle at my cheesy jokes.  
i need more super-sweet-joe-jonas-loving-totally-in-the-moment-keepin'-it-real-patients in my work space.  heck, we need more people like that in life.
it was a bittersweet reminder that even when life hands you lemons, you gotta make lemonade.    er, just don't forget to take your insulin upon drinking it..

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Scott said...

Definitely ... its refreshing when people who have seemingly so much against them just SMILE! Now, can we get people like that to share how they've learned to smile?!