Tuesday, August 12, 2008

no more refined sugar~

i am so done with refined sugar and flour.  it's just not worth what it does to my blood sugar! seriously, i can never seem to take the correct amount of insulin whenever i eat something with white flour or sugar.  
oh ya, did i tell you how i started using erythritol?  it's a sugar alcohol.  you can buy it at whole foods.  a bit pricey, but so worth it because you barely need any (it comes in packs to bring out with you, or in bulk for a pretty penny [$12!] for cooking.)  but here's the beauty of it that makes it worth it: 
it does not have a disgusting aftertaste.

ohmygod!  i think i wrote about my delicious treats i'd made, but ew! stevia sucks bad.  the treats are great, but you will find that stevia is not so fun. ugh! the aftertaste!  so i found erythritol and it's much, much better.  
it literally has no effect whatsoever on blood sugar, and you don't have to eat completely bland, bitter, boring food. 


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My Year Without said...

hey i came across your website and LOVE the fact that you talk about sugar substitutes. especially erythritol. i have never heard of that one before. also, i totally agree with you about stevia. i actually only use it to sweeten drinks like hot tea. otherwise it pretty much sucks. i am going without sugar all year and am finding out the most interesting things about it.
i have a little information about blood sugar on my blog if you just search for it.
anyway, way to go!!