Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh but you must know~

jerusalem artichokes are absolutely lovely.
i love their earthy knobbiness.  and they do taste like an artichoke heart.  but harder.
a 'harder heart', eh? 
perhaps a metaphor for people we all know.
a native-american tuber. 
i like that word...tuber.
just boil a bit longer than a potato, put some butter and garlic on them and voila! 
you have earthy-knobby-tuber-goodness for your chilled autumn tummy.
if we eat seasonally, we feel more in tune with ourselves and everyone else.
i really believe that.   

jerusalem artichokes (aka, 'sunchokes') are excellent for diabetics b/c although starchy, they burn through your system much more slowly than a potato and have inulin (NOT insulin) that breaks down into fructose instead of glucose in your body.  this allows for better metabolizing of the veggie overall.  plus, i can tell you from experience, you don't need a lot of insulin to eat them!

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