Thursday, August 21, 2008

sitting with skye~

today, i sat with my naturopath's new baby, Skye.  
what a basket of pure love.

he 'came' to our follow-up appointment.  while at first it was hard to be reminded of how natural medicine's goal at this point with me is to prevent complications:
"beta cells are like brain cells birdy, once they're gone, they never come back",
sitting with Skye made me realize that i do have a lot to look forward to in life.
he pulled my hair.  
he tried to suck on my shirt.
he proved that bouncing is truly a newfound joy in his life.

so i rode the wave of the pleasure of his day; reminded that i too, have always loved meeting new people, never losing that light in my eye listening to another's story.  

today, baby Skye sat with me and listened to mine. 

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Scott said...

Not to disagree with your naturopath, but the statement "beta cells are like brain cells birdy, once they're gone, they never come back" is factually incorrect according to a number of scientific studies.

In fact, beta cells regenerate themselves all the time even in type 1 diabetes, the issue is recurrent autoimmunity, or continued cell destruction by an immune system which is unable to distinguish "self" from "non-self". That remains an overlooked area in both science and naturopathy which deserves greater attention. There are a few who are investigating the issue, and with more time and resources, we can see more progress made there!