Tuesday, September 30, 2008

stand up~

"in a fascist system, it's not the lies that count, but the muddying of truth."
naomi wolf

Monday, September 29, 2008

the shit has hit the fan~


the economy is so in the crapper, and most people i talk to at the U are not even aware.

how does that happen?! 
how did we get to this point?
take your headphones out of your ears and your fingers off your texting and wake up!

stop wasting.
stop shopping.
stop mediocrity.
start listening.
start reading
start growing.
start changing. 

"be the change you wish to see in the world."

but first, you have to stop supporting starbucks and walmart, and take notice of the fact that we have been living off the backs of others for far too long.  

things are about to change, my friends.  we had plenty of warning signs, but now we have to learn our lessons the hard way. 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

what is your perfect day?

and you can't say a day off from being type 1! 
(or whatever is wrong with you...:)

here's mine:

make paper with dried portulacas, sit in the morning sun while it dries.
eat waffles with real syrup (ok, without the impending-doom spike...)
use a new word from the dictionary.
meet a friend for coffee during rain and have her tell me some special news.
find a new band to listen to that makes me believe real people are still writing real music.
photograph a dove up-close.
watch a child take its first steps.
smell clean laundry.
my mother calls and we have a real conversation.
get a massage.
play guitar and harmonica  at the same time.
go sled-riding and drink cinnamon cocoa.
apologize and be forgiven, be apologized to and forgive.
make herbal remedies for sick people.
sew the perfect pair of pants.
roast a chicken while an accordion plays and all my besties come over and we dance and sing and laugh and drink wine and at least one person falls in love. 

Saturday, September 27, 2008

logistical information on commenting~

friends,  with some of you, i have no way of 'responding' to your comments.  so please check back to the comment you made to me by clicking on the comments again a day or so after  your comment was made.  you will see my reply to your comment beneath the comment you made, and this way, we can actually converse/touch-base.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


this one's for the ladies: 
i've been successfully charting and using fertility awareness method (which, by the way, is not the very irresponsible 'rhythm method' people often know of) since 2006.  i have charted my fertility signals since 2003, as a whole.  one of my many community health clinic goals is to become a community-based fertility awareness educator for impoverished women, and well, anyone who wants to get to know their body! 
i wanted to write about this topic a bit because i've made a new type 1 friend (hey lisa!!) and she is interested in charting her mucus and temperature signals.  i want people to know that it is an elegantly scientific way to connect with your body and empower yourself with the knowledge that so few women [sadly] have.  to wake in the morning and have the knowledge that will take you through your sexual relationship without the use of hormones or worry is an incredible power to have. also, to be with a man who knows your body and respects that your sexual relationship centers around your cycle, is a beautiful way to remain in balance with one another.  used properly (just like hormonal contraceptives) it is over 95% effective.  
however, you must be in a completely monogamous relationship and a physically healthy one, obviously.  the worry not only being that you will get pregnant, but that you must have complete trust, communication and equality between each other.  otherwise, you will end up making a mistake.
i can tell you as a type 1 woman, i better understand changes in sugar balance throughout my cycle that i can 'plan for' and deal with because i know exactly where i am at in my cycle:  i tend to spike on the day of ovulation, and have greater lows immediately before my new cycle begins.  not everyone is the same, but that is the point: your body is your own, and getting to know it is a responsibility we all have.  i don't care for standardized...anything.
you don't get pregnant because you 'didn't use anything'; you get pregnant because you were fertile at the time you had sex. period.
reading even a basic book on FAM ('fertility awareness method') can help you get started.  i suggest the highly scientific "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" but "The Garden of Fertility" is an excellent introduction, too. 

ruminate on this: 
the female body is like the earth, round and supple; full of the potential for life.  things cannot grow without rain.  when the earth is wet, life can grow within it.  when she is dry, her soil is not fertile.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

they weren't lyin'~

when they said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 
i'm all about the oatmeal in the morning with a bit of agave syrup and some walnuts.  i'm telling you, oatmeal and chromium ( i think) are what have been helping me out. all day, i'm balanced and my BG's are in control.  not just from the oatmeal, but just because of general increases in fiber!
for all of you non-type 1's (even 2's!) you should seriously take heed to what type 1's figure out about diet and health, haha. we're a great control group. it's hysterical to me when people say, "oh yaaaaaa, you have to watch your diet really well, right?"  it's like, "hey! i don't eat a special diet!  i eat the diet we should all be eating. 
because if i don't, i get to see the immediate consequences you only see later on."
 i read some journal article recently where this doctor said in response to someone's question of "what do you think is the most important thing a person can do to stay healthy?"
her response:  keep the blood sugar in balance.
she said this because when the body's blood glucose levels are in control in any person; (meaning, the body is not swinging as it tries to maintain balance) a person will live a  longer, happier, healthier life because all of the systems in turn, can remain in balance. 
especially the cardiovascular, the system that is number one for getting clogged and fattened and slow and sad in the U.S.
more red wine! 
more olive oil!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

poetry: in honesty~

she taught me how to breath again.
said my abdomen was too tight.
"you're holding", she said.
my lungs were hurting from holding so tightly.
i heard the Earth in her voice, 
open and full.
i can feel my breath widen, widen as my hips
with the desire to give birth to the grief
held for so long.
the left pushed up from making space for my heart,
to be pushed even further from life
that will make its rounded way.
i feel you coming, little one.
make way to the tunnel.
choose wisely and you will be.
make your home and i will be
your Earth, your mother, i will breathe
deep life into you,
as you will return mine.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


this woman i know said that something will happen to most people that awakens them.  
and then, they return, forgetting whatever it was that changed.  so they in turn never change, going back to that place of gray they knew before where they wondered why they felt so asleep, so apart, so alienated. where they were comfortable.
what is that woke you?  
i can tell you, hands down, it is this new friend.  my new friend makes me take good care of myself, analyze how i feel without obsessing, slow-react when i'm upset, and smile when i get to eat chocolate.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tumultuous twenty-eight~

so i turned 28 last week.  whew!  what a year it's already been, eh? 
i finally met a gal that has type 1.  she's in my bio class and overheard a classmate asking me what had happened to me last semester (ah-hem.)  she was like, "do you have type 1?  me too!" 
wow, i never thought i'd be happy to say 'me too.'  but i was.  
this gal answered some of my T1 girly questions.  she's a pumper.  
however, she told me about how she got super-duper sick last semester (pnemonia!) and almost lost her scholarship. *yikes*.  
so i asked her all about 'why we get sick' so easily.  she consoled me in saying that if your sugar's in tight control, you shouldn't get sick anymore than a 'normal' (WTF DOES THIS MEAN?!) person gets sick.  anywho, i just hope i stay in good control, 'cos what happened to her did not sound fun.  

does anyone have any stories or advice regarding getting ill and being type 1?  as a newbie, i'd love to get clued in.  however, because i'm a naturalgeek, let me know of anything that works.  because *yikes!*  i've read that echinacaea is really bad for people with autoimmune disease due to the immune-system already being in hyperactive mode---don't need to stimulate it anymore!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

think twice~

why does everybody have a wave of joy and energy when a woman (ah-hem) proudly calls herself a "pitbull with lipstick", but people are scared of a real pitbull being a pitbull?  

by the way, real pitbulls aren't anything like her.   

they're kinder. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


so i started my 'maintenance supplements.'  these are going to [hopefully] keep me going, haha.  no, really, i've researched and read all that i can and finally pared it down to the following:

chromium 200mcg per day, (aids in insulin sensitivity--even in type1's.)
biotin 5mg (may increase to 10mg), assists the chromium.
vitamin e (gamma) 400iu every day, (we've all heard this one: protects the vital organs.)
alpha lipoic acid 400 mg a day, universal antioxidant; protects organ and nerve function.
evening primrose oil 1000mg a day in the a.m (may increase to 2000mg), assists in organ, nerve, hormone and cholesterol.  
whole food supplement (NOT the brand; it's a type of vitamin) 1 every day. 

i continue with the chromium, biotin, gamma e, and ALA, but i have added folic acid and stopped the EPO.  i found that it was upsetting my tummy and so i just continued to exclusively use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil into my diet (through cooking).  i have to say, i feel great and can tell a difference when i'm not using the chromium and biotin; i really think they assist in insulin efficiency... 

it's important to note that i eat a whole foods diet and that includes a lot of fiber, water, and greens at pretty much every meal; even breakfast! 

as  you can see, these are mostly about protection.  they are also the only ones that have had the most/best studies done it appears, and that my friends, highly interests me.  while i love natural medicine, case-studies are the only way we're ever going to find out the overall picture. however, i'm also one for 'gentle experimentation on oneself': if something works for you and is safe, keep it up.  
i can tell you that so far, the chromium is working wonders for me.  but running in the a.m helps too, because of the insulin-resistance that occurs in the morning from release of growth hormones during sleep. 

i'm really ruminating on the major differences between being a type 1 woman and a type 1 man.  my brother, who also now has type 1 (please see the posts regarding 'the truth sets you free' to see my theories on our 'contraction' of this disease)  is still honeymooning---to the point that he only takes lantus!  oh my.  either his a1c's are gonna be horrendous because he really is having a post-prandial spike that would scare jesus, or his pancreas really is producing that much for right now.  good for him!  
but it does make me wonder about being a woman with type 1 and how often a honeymoon like his occurs in women, you know?  quite rarely, i venture.  

Monday, September 1, 2008

groovy women~

this one's for the ladies.
i so wish that i never started shaving my legs 15 years ago.  it's like, why the hell do we do this? 
ya ya, call me a hippie.  however,  i saw a waitress the other day while eating with a bestie, and she didn't shave.
it was clear she'd never started in the first place, back when 13 year olds are pressuring each other to wear bras they clearly don't need.  ok, ok, i was a 13 year old that didn't need a bra til i was probably 23.  hell, i still don't.  haha

anyway, this waitress didn't shave.  i couldn't help but think while i was eating my crusty bread, 
"damn, those are some sexy legs."

*sigh* so jealous of the totally au naturale.