Monday, September 1, 2008

groovy women~

this one's for the ladies.
i so wish that i never started shaving my legs 15 years ago.  it's like, why the hell do we do this? 
ya ya, call me a hippie.  however,  i saw a waitress the other day while eating with a bestie, and she didn't shave.
it was clear she'd never started in the first place, back when 13 year olds are pressuring each other to wear bras they clearly don't need.  ok, ok, i was a 13 year old that didn't need a bra til i was probably 23.  hell, i still don't.  haha

anyway, this waitress didn't shave.  i couldn't help but think while i was eating my crusty bread, 
"damn, those are some sexy legs."

*sigh* so jealous of the totally au naturale.

1 comment:

Lili said...

I used to shave...back when I was 13 up until I was 14. Peer pressure.