Monday, September 29, 2008

the shit has hit the fan~


the economy is so in the crapper, and most people i talk to at the U are not even aware.

how does that happen?! 
how did we get to this point?
take your headphones out of your ears and your fingers off your texting and wake up!

stop wasting.
stop shopping.
stop mediocrity.
start listening.
start reading
start growing.
start changing. 

"be the change you wish to see in the world."

but first, you have to stop supporting starbucks and walmart, and take notice of the fact that we have been living off the backs of others for far too long.  

things are about to change, my friends.  we had plenty of warning signs, but now we have to learn our lessons the hard way. 


hilary said...

Hey Emily-

In times like this, I always think of the friends and family I have surrounded myself with. People who are intelligent, critical thinking individuals who do research when presented with "facts", who speak their minds, who READ books and newspaper of all kinds. When I think of this support network, I don't feel like I'm the lone wolf trying to overcome this tremendous tide of broken policies and systems.

There are people who care enough about this country to criticize it for disastrous handling of everything from foreign polices, to systemic domestic breakdown. People who know that being critical of ones' country is not 'unpatriotic' but our civic duty.

So don't lose heart. Because even though it may seem like our generation is one of apathetic drones. There are those-like us-among them who will always fight for engaged discourse.


birdy said...

hil, you are awesome! thank you for the beautiful entry.