Tuesday, September 2, 2008


so i started my 'maintenance supplements.'  these are going to [hopefully] keep me going, haha.  no, really, i've researched and read all that i can and finally pared it down to the following:

chromium 200mcg per day, (aids in insulin sensitivity--even in type1's.)
biotin 5mg (may increase to 10mg), assists the chromium.
vitamin e (gamma) 400iu every day, (we've all heard this one: protects the vital organs.)
alpha lipoic acid 400 mg a day, universal antioxidant; protects organ and nerve function.
evening primrose oil 1000mg a day in the a.m (may increase to 2000mg), assists in organ, nerve, hormone and cholesterol.  
whole food supplement (NOT the brand; it's a type of vitamin) 1 every day. 

i continue with the chromium, biotin, gamma e, and ALA, but i have added folic acid and stopped the EPO.  i found that it was upsetting my tummy and so i just continued to exclusively use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil into my diet (through cooking).  i have to say, i feel great and can tell a difference when i'm not using the chromium and biotin; i really think they assist in insulin efficiency... 

it's important to note that i eat a whole foods diet and that includes a lot of fiber, water, and greens at pretty much every meal; even breakfast! 

as  you can see, these are mostly about protection.  they are also the only ones that have had the most/best studies done it appears, and that my friends, highly interests me.  while i love natural medicine, case-studies are the only way we're ever going to find out the overall picture. however, i'm also one for 'gentle experimentation on oneself': if something works for you and is safe, keep it up.  
i can tell you that so far, the chromium is working wonders for me.  but running in the a.m helps too, because of the insulin-resistance that occurs in the morning from release of growth hormones during sleep. 

i'm really ruminating on the major differences between being a type 1 woman and a type 1 man.  my brother, who also now has type 1 (please see the posts regarding 'the truth sets you free' to see my theories on our 'contraction' of this disease)  is still honeymooning---to the point that he only takes lantus!  oh my.  either his a1c's are gonna be horrendous because he really is having a post-prandial spike that would scare jesus, or his pancreas really is producing that much for right now.  good for him!  
but it does make me wonder about being a woman with type 1 and how often a honeymoon like his occurs in women, you know?  quite rarely, i venture.  

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