Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tumultuous twenty-eight~

so i turned 28 last week.  whew!  what a year it's already been, eh? 
i finally met a gal that has type 1.  she's in my bio class and overheard a classmate asking me what had happened to me last semester (ah-hem.)  she was like, "do you have type 1?  me too!" 
wow, i never thought i'd be happy to say 'me too.'  but i was.  
this gal answered some of my T1 girly questions.  she's a pumper.  
however, she told me about how she got super-duper sick last semester (pnemonia!) and almost lost her scholarship. *yikes*.  
so i asked her all about 'why we get sick' so easily.  she consoled me in saying that if your sugar's in tight control, you shouldn't get sick anymore than a 'normal' (WTF DOES THIS MEAN?!) person gets sick.  anywho, i just hope i stay in good control, 'cos what happened to her did not sound fun.  

does anyone have any stories or advice regarding getting ill and being type 1?  as a newbie, i'd love to get clued in.  however, because i'm a naturalgeek, let me know of anything that works.  because *yikes!*  i've read that echinacaea is really bad for people with autoimmune disease due to the immune-system already being in hyperactive mode---don't need to stimulate it anymore!


Anonymous said...

hi birdy! happy belated birthday!
I love meeting other type 1's too - it's nice to have that common bond, and mutual understanding.
using "normal" bothers me too... :-\ I guess just because it implies abnormality, and who wants to be abnormal?? Different is one thing, abnormal is another ;)
I don't really have any advice about not getting sick, but I remember you saying that you had a big clunky meter, and I saw an ad the other day for the new Ultra OneTouch Mini meter, and if you go to YourUltraMini.com, you can get one for free... Now idk what the situation is with test strips and stuff, but I figured you might be interested :)

Anonymous said...

--Belated happy birthday. I hope it was well. I turned *gasp* 30 this year. Your previous posts have made me start eating breakfast more often. I have to get up earlier, but I have more energy during the day.

What's a pumper?


birdy said...

brandon! i can't comment to you because i don't have your address/number anymore, man! a pumper is a person with diabetes who uses an insulin pump---a pump that pumps insulin into their body (haha.) it's NOT used because they have better or worse diabetes, it's just another option. you can go all the way back to my first blog entry to read all about my diagnosis.