Sunday, September 28, 2008

what is your perfect day?

and you can't say a day off from being type 1! 
(or whatever is wrong with you...:)

here's mine:

make paper with dried portulacas, sit in the morning sun while it dries.
eat waffles with real syrup (ok, without the impending-doom spike...)
use a new word from the dictionary.
meet a friend for coffee during rain and have her tell me some special news.
find a new band to listen to that makes me believe real people are still writing real music.
photograph a dove up-close.
watch a child take its first steps.
smell clean laundry.
my mother calls and we have a real conversation.
get a massage.
play guitar and harmonica  at the same time.
go sled-riding and drink cinnamon cocoa.
apologize and be forgiven, be apologized to and forgive.
make herbal remedies for sick people.
sew the perfect pair of pants.
roast a chicken while an accordion plays and all my besties come over and we dance and sing and laugh and drink wine and at least one person falls in love. 

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