Thursday, October 16, 2008

the community health center~

so i did my follow-up with my naturopath today.  she got really excited about my idea of doing a 'community health education center' that could be a resource for those in need of affordable access.  it would specifically focus on natural therapeutics and massage,  fertility awareness education and women's health, family herbalism remedies, and be a resource for diabetes education.  
i was kinda nervous to admit my ideas to her, but she got so damn excited that i can hardly contain myself!  
i really feel full of wild hope right now.  the future is so bright, and i do believe that deep down, all of this happened for reasons i'll never be privy to.  but i can be sure that it is only making my existence deeper and more meaningful by the day.  
i have never gotten rid of the drive to help those in greatest need, and despite having to put off medical school for a while, now i think all of these ideas pouring out of me of late only make the future full of endless possibilities in serving the community as best i can.  

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