Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i am grateful for the small things~

things like paper and pencils to share my thoughts. and the fact that when i spilled an entire cup of coffee on my laptop this summer, the thing woke up the next day running like a champ. 
things like last night, when i found a really comprehensive book on one of my favorite topics - chinese medicine - and it was only $1!  
but most of all, when i get calls from besties like mimi, telling me she chickened out on asking the guy out on campus that she's got the hots for. and bad.
hot or cold chai, girl?  hot or cold chai.  
it just feels great to be a part of people's lives, and to have them in mine.   

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Anonymous said...

Hey! What are you doing sharing my life with the world?!?!?! HA! It's all good. Well, if I knew the answer (hot or cold?) I would not be so shy about asking. I'm still trying to understand why having a fondness for chai means I'm complicated! I'm NOT complicated!!! :)

Anyway, you are right Em, the little things count so much. You have helped teach me that.

Here's to the small things! From talking about cute guys at school to great new spots to try for lunch, from watching boring movies on a friday night to trips to Betty's on halloween, I'll always try to remember the small things!

Much love,