Monday, October 13, 2008

little yogi~

my yoga teacher is 're-teaching' us how to breathe. 
i will admit to you that for the past couple of years i have not been able to take a deep breath.  
i try, i really do.
but the issues that were going on in my deteriorating family relationships, coupled with my new diagnosis made it so difficult; even though i knew i was breathing with my shoulders and my chest. sometimes even my throat.
so, sometimes you need some guidance.
my teacher has worked wonders!
we sat there in class and she told us, "you know how you watch a baby breathe? they naturally breathe from their abdomen; you watch their belly rise full and move up through the chest and then out through the shoulders.  somewhere along the way, we lose that."
i couldn't agree more. 
the first time i tried my 'full yogic breath' i thought my chest was going to explode and burst through my throat, i kid you not.  it was that hard.  
but now, i feel a depth of breath i have been yearning for for years. 

plus, i notice when i sing in the car now, i'm louder than ever. 
it feels so good to laugh, cry, sing, and breathe deep again. 


mori said...

hooray for breath! i know i don't breathe as deeply as i should, and when i focus on it, i really feel it in my lungs. it's like they don't recognize oxygen at first. any tips to make it a habit? or to unbreak the long habit of breathing shallowly?

birdy said...

hey girl!
ya, my teacher had us start by crossing our fingers over eachother onto the belly button area of the abdomen, and then breathing as deeply as possible from the abdomen---pushing it straight up and out. after doing this for a few days (laying down, of course) you do the abd breath and incorporate pushing the air up through the diaphragm, into the chest, and out through the shoulders. the idea is to try and not lift the shoulders (which forces the lungs to overwork.) it's incredible stuff. i'm sure if you do a search for "how to do a full yogic breath" you can find way better guidance than mine!