Saturday, October 11, 2008

october therapeutics~

so we're moving.  
i know my last big post was on my terribly rude slumlord.  but i have to mention finding a new place because it is just so exciting.
it has a real space for a real garden and coldframe, plus fruit trees and big windows and hardwood floors.  i can hardly wait to cook all of my middle-eastern concoctions in a real kitchen. 
oh, and the roof certainly does not leak! whewhooo!
our new landladies are this sweet couple who seem really in tune with people.  we've both really enjoyed just talking with them and the whole process so far. 
but what a week it's been, dealing with my angry-without-a-reason-landlord.  i won't even go there.  the specifics are too horrible to tell because he truly has lost his mind and resorted to tantrums due to his grotesque [non]communication skills and passive aggressive nature.  all because he's mad he needs to fix his roof!  ayyaya. 
oh well.

so onto better things.  the weather here in the Q is just lovely.  muy linda. 
it is good to feel the warm sun and leafy breeze on my face as i bike to school and watch the brightened spines of the fall leaves swirl and dance down the street with me.   
i feel so alive in october for some reason.  some people become sad at the end of summer; i always feel hope for the darkened seeds and bulbs planted that become the spring. 
a chance to go deep inside ourselves; dig ourselves deep to find and become our best self. 
it's a promise of a new start.  every. single. year.

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hilary said...

I'm so excited for you Em! Everything happens for a reason, huh?

I love fall too! The changing the temperatures and the fact that we get to cozy up in sweaters.