Sunday, October 19, 2008

seriously, it's time to change the name~

i'm sorry, i know this sounds rude, but i can't take it sometimes: 

if you have type 1 diabetes you do not make insulin because your immune-system essentially does a covert operation on the insulin-producing cells every. single. day.  
we have absolutely no choice in the matter: we mustmustmust take insulin because otherwise we will die.  

if you have type 2 diabetes you do make insulin, but do not use it properly because of terrible eating and [lack of] exercise habits.  therefore, a type 2 has absolutely no choice in the matter but to get off their ass and start doing something about it.  
or else....
you won't make insulin anymore because it pretty much just stops working because you're not healthy.
the immune system has nothing to do with type 2 AT ALL.  

this is a bit harsh, but type 2's are in for no surprises with their diagnosis.  
they often get warned for years.  they even get little pills to perk up their pancreas's waning function looooong before they ever need to go on insulin.

but a type 1:
autoimmune, baby, 

please folks, LOOK UP TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 DIABETES ON WIKIPEDIA if you are confused.  
i'm having an 'i hate explaining my disease week'.  
i did not make myself sick.
i did not eat too much sugar.
i am not allergic to sugar.
i did not develop an eating disorder and this is how my body is 'paying me back.'
i did not choose this disease, it chose me.

when i say i have tight control, it is because of diet, exercise and INSULIN.  
my sugar's not tightly controlled because i somehow miraculously don't need insulin anymore

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sarah said...

Hi Em. I haven't checked in for awhile. Glad to see your still alive and kickin'. LOL!

Sarah Kennedy