Sunday, October 5, 2008


dear mr. miller, 
maybe someday you will somehow come across my blog and say, 'hey! that's the gal that used to rent from me.'
i have never done anything but take care of your home.  i pay my rent on time and even planted things in the yard.  i never call unless it's an emergency and don't deduct items from rent unless i absolutely needed to repair or buy something.  
i've given you respect, and in return, i have gotten nothing.  you never address the issues at the apartment and have enjoyed the [over] half a grand  i give you each month in rent to build your new house that surely does not have leaks.  
i did not sleep last night because i stayed up to empty my dish bin every fifteen minutes so that your carpet would not ruin.  
today, you had the nerve to tell me to "poke a hole in the roof and put a trash can underneath it."  
i was awake all night.  i politely waited until nine a.m to call you, so as to not disturb your sunday morning, although mine had certainly started long before yours.  when i opened my call with, "mr.miller i hope you know why i'm calling you" your response was, 
"yes i do and get to the point."
then, when i said that it was not right to charge someone like that and not care for a home they rent from you, you hung up on me. 
that's right. you hung up on me.
a grown ass man! 
why would you do all of that?  why are people like this now?  is it the baby boomers?  like my parents, people who lack basic communication skills and simply do not talk to you if you don't fit their 'shut up and take it' mode of living?
i know your family is quite 'left wing' as you have told me in the past, mr. miller.  but you, like so many think that the face of change lay in one man: barack obama.  
really? you don't think it starts with us? you think good is outside of yourself? you think each of us is not contributing to living off the backs of others in the world?  
you think it's somebody else's fault? 
we treat terms like 'community' and 'green living' and 'human connection' as abstractions.  
they begin in the moment.  they are the moment we choose to do the right thing when we need to because it's just the right thing to do: to reach out, starting with ourselves, and then extend to another.  
i always liked that statement by mother teresa, "give until it hurts, and then give some more. " 
she didn't say to be a push-over, but you can certainly give what you know you ought to.  
you hurt me today, mr.miller. you insulted me, but mostly you just added to my hurting and wondering of late as to whether or not we americans can pull ourselves up from the capitalist grime we have slathered and soaked ourselves in long. 
you think you're different, but you're just like everyone else: trying to make a buck off the little guy.
i'm trying to be the change i wish to see.  i stated my needs to you, i did not attack you.  
and, instead of seeing me and listening and trusting my points, you did the only thing your generation seems to know how to do: 
escape, feel entitled, ignore, avoid, attack, refuse, control, don't speak: 
you hung up on me.  


hilary said...

Unfortunately, rudeness and nastiness abounds these days.


I hope you find better living arrangements, Em. Sorry you had such a crappy Sunday.

birdy said...

hil, you are so awesome. i remember your kindness, and our good conversations. we SO need to get together!