Sunday, November 23, 2008

can they just make pancreatic bandages?

this year seriously just needs to end.
i have never broken a bone in my life, nor twisted or sprained or torn or well, you get the picture...anything.
now, while some of you may smirk and say, "hmm, well maybe you've lived a safe life.'
uh, no. actually, let's make that a very loud NO!
i've served in the military, love hiking and backpacking, been to africa, love to run. 
so here i am, at this point in the year---thanksgiving---ya, i'm tryin' to be thankful despite how seriously crappy certain things have gone.  such as, getting sick in january, watching my body outside of myself until march came and i got diagnosed with type 1.  then, i spent my summer recuperating marvelously, got back into my running injuries.  dealt with a crazy semester, moved, having to continuously deal with nutty people...*sigh.*  
so then, yesterday, i'm like moving...nothing items, and tadah!  my left ankle starts hurting.
but, just like all things health-wise, my first reaction always is that i'll take care of it myself.
but today, oh man, today i can't even put weight on it.  sprain.
but you know how it goes with diabetes, people's eyes bug outta their heads and...
"OHMYGOD, but it's your foot we're talking about!!!"
so now it's hitting me all.over.again.
this annoying little beast in my life, this little flea that won't leave my little-peabody-pancreas alone affects me in the most mundane ways (as if the ability to eat food and process it is not mundane enough...)
if only i could wrap peabody in an ace bandage and he could get strong enough to fight off my immune system's conniving little attacks then maybe, just maybe, when i get a sprained ankle, i wouldn't have to always get it checked out right away like it was the end of ...well, my foot.
god, everything, you know?  it becomes about everything. 

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