Thursday, November 27, 2008

keep it simple~

when i say in my list "whatever it is, it's not that complicated" i mean that we need to learn to keep it simple.  that life, as complicated as it is, is pretty straight forward.  some things cannot be negotiated, but all can be dealt with. 
i am grateful for the small things, because it is this that makes up the stuff of our lives; the most important parts.
i keep a gratitude journal.  i don't know who told me to do it, but someone did a few years ago when i was getting out of the military.  it has helped me through so much, because at the end of the day, i look into my comings and goings and always find something to be grateful about.  we have to.  sometimes i tell myself there's nothing to be grateful about, especially when life hands you lemons, or worse: people you thought cared about you hand you those lemons!  then it's not just abstract or nonspecific...
this can be so difficult at times, like the day i was diagnosed with type 1, but i must tell you, it hit me so hard that it was a gift to become the healthiest gal i can ever be, and therefore reach out to those with diabetes that i can someday help as a physician.
we can connect to others' joy and pain better when we are grateful, even for the small things. 
happy thanksgiving,
much love and peace, 

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