Friday, November 28, 2008

que comida? (what did you eat?)

for thanksgiving?  
i'd love to hear what people had, as i love food! 
i attempted to make some healthier versions of the traditional thanksgiving meal, but as many who know me can tell you: i love to make eclectic menus!
here's what we made: 

-citrus cilantro roasted turkey (sweetened with agave nectar)
-mashed roots (rutabaga, potato, celery root)
-curried sweet potatoes
-cardamom roasted carrots
-garlic parsley green beans
-organic stuffing
-pumpkin pie (matthew's mum's is amazing)

let me just tell you: my sugar did so well!  i kinda overdosed a bit, honestly, but you know how it goes: ah!  gotta make i think it was those wonderful little mashed roots instead of full-blown potatoes, and of course protein mixed in with it all (turkey has a whopping 47grams per serving!) really helps you to burn your carbohydrate fuel slowly.

what a yummy day!

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Anonymous said...

yum! sounds delicious! I made a roasted squash and apple dish that is really simple but really tasty too. :)