Wednesday, December 3, 2008

amazing yum~

this, oh this,
my friends, is amazing. 
found this gal's blog the other day because i'm trying to put together my recipe book better.  
whew!  i love coconut milk and oil in my general cooking (thanks for the introduction, bestie mimi!)
but wow
chocolate coconut milk ice cream?  
need i say more?  i never even thought of it as an alternative to the problems i was having with lactose ( a sugar, duh) in my baking endeavors as a type 1. 
i mean, thanksgiving went really well, but some things are difficult for me still, as i don't know how to work in some of my more eclectic and rich recipes from the past. 
of course, you must like coconut when substituting, i guess...  but i'll have to ask my friend (who's not big on coconut) if she thinks she can taste it in things such as this.  haha, she's a good 'control group' member whenever i'm cooking. ;)
however, i really love this gal's site because of her intense support of local and slow food movement activism, and the nourishing traditions family cooking philosophy.
right on! 
i started by growing my own herbs and lettuces a few years ago when my own eyes were opened to the importance of these "critical social issues".  i love her blog because all of the recipes appear simple and straightforward, but most importantly, centered upon true whole foods family health. 
hmmmmmmm, i should post my basic urban gardening guide (targeting college students) for all of you to see, print, and subversively post! 

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