Wednesday, December 31, 2008

for new year's~

still working on my resolutions, but so far: 

-to train for a 5k (baby steps people, baby steps!)
-finish my massage doula certification.
-maybe make a bebe.
-actually agree on a name for that maybe-bebe with matthew (malcolm, zaida, oliver, aziza, francis, penelope, samantha, ohmeohmy why so many girls' names?  ah!  did i mention i had a baby dream---with a perfect little girl!)
-edit my current stories and submit? 
-make all of my cleaning and yummy home supplies myself.  (maybe get the women's co-op going?)
-have the best herb garden i can imagine.
-figure out what the hell i'm doing after graduation, now that med school's on hold.  (hey, it's not like, yipeeee! i graduated!  now let's go... make a baby! haha.)

for new year''s eve, we are having a hip little shindig at my friend's house.  we are making homemade pizza with lots of lovely toppings, a film, games, music, vino and champagne.  
my sista and i started the dough last night---soaked and sprouted whole wheat---to 'release all of the nutrients'. you too, can make a wholesome pizza dough for friends and fam. 

best of the year as you open it anew with hope and love,


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