Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hey, did you grow that radish subversively?

if you agree, this little info sheet just might be for you. 
it's got the awesome "food not bombs" logo on it (which i understand is not copyrighted and ok to use for such purposes). 
i made it for a class on the anthropology of nutrition and food movements quite a while back.
it's about keeping it simple. 
it's about basics. 
it's about urban gardening, and is geared towards college students, little kids, and first time real-food, plant-growers. 
it also has some embarrassing typos and items specific to albuquerque ("quirky burque") but you get the idea.  white it out and type in your own local food network info!
try it out, 
print it out, 
hand it out as a flyer!
it just might excite, enthuse and change you and your neighbor. 
it's two sided, and ohpleasedon'ttelltheagribusiness.  they might come for little bird cos her feathers are too puffy and ruffled. 

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hilary said...

Hey Em,
Funny you should post this, I was telling my sister the other day that I want to start researching alternative medicines-to get back to the basics of how people cared for themselves when exorbitant healthcare wasn't in existence, and those home remedies worked.

We really must get together after the craziness of the holidays are over.