Wednesday, December 3, 2008

poetry: how to be kind~

listen, touch people. space. place. presence.
bring your eyes close without erasing the individual.
open, smile. be genuine. take interest. create.
have faith, don't worry. your worry only turns to mistrust.
laugh, manufacture none of your feelings; taste them.
stop arguing and absorb.
speak softly, live loudly.

don't let your pain live for you;
live knowing others are also in pain.
be deep without forcing people into your depths.
dive into the messy, muddy waters of the world, 
only to find water lily roots at the bottom. 
ponder the truth of ugliness, 
but only feed on the promise of unexpected beauty. 

gain from understanding and surprise;
that which can make you most uncomfortable.
listen to your silence, 
it is often your own voice drowning you out. 
become pregnant with your old surroundings 
and you will give birth
to new light. 

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