Sunday, December 21, 2008

warning: thinking too hard may be bad for the blood~

i realized this last week that as long as i keep watch over my body and try, really try to just 'go with the flow' (don't flip out here, i know sometimes we don't have a choice) my sugar is well,
way awesome
no, i am not bragging.  it's just that this week, i was forced (as is usual of this year, i think) to deal with my biology finals, finding a friend in serious poverty and then move him in right before that final, preparing a dinner party for 20 people the day after that final that was only planned for 10 (!) and all the while being steady and gentle with myself about the possibility that my sugar was gonna be seriously crappy this week. 
funny, it's been great. 
and i think it's because i checked as often as i usually do, but i just took good care by continuing to eat well and try to focus on those around me.  i know that sounds a bit nutty...
"focus on others and your sugar will be fine", but what i'm trying to convey is that sometimes maybe we need to just...take care of business and the rest will follow.
so it's been an insane weekend, no less. i'm still trying to figure out what to do to assist my friend in the best way possible, but also have a relaxing holiday before school begins again. 
i never asked for an easy life, eh?  
and you know what?  as tired as i get of all the problems that we must all face in this life, 
so far it's been a blast!

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