Wednesday, December 31, 2008

welcome to waking up~

i have been wanting to start a confession section on my blog.  just like i have poetry, i want to share some funny (and not so funny) confessions.  some are just me getting it out, others are to laugh at, er, with.

first off, i cannot see as well as i used to.  i know that's a banal statement to make; eck, we're all getting older aren't we?  but this ever-so-slight lack of clarity since getting diagnosed has really gotten to me.  i guess this is not much a confession, as it is a statement of fact.  they checked my eyes, even had me see an opth, due to the terrible temporary blindness from the sorbitol i experienced for about a month after insulin was reintroduced.  "everything is fine", they said. "everything is fine."
but this bothers me.  maybe it really is just 'old age' starting (yikes! ha!)  but wow, this is truly the first time in my life i've 'felt my age.'  
cliche as it sounds, to me age is truly just a number i take no heed of.  
guess i just thought i'd go til i dropped.  i literally almost uh, did this year! 
that or one day, i'd happen upon myself in a hallway mirror and see my wrinkles and the reflections of my grandchildren's photos staring back at me from the wall behind me. 
maybe it'll hit me then. 


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