Saturday, January 10, 2009

healthy, savory snacks and treats~

whew! i haven't posted in a while!  sorry folks, life just got sooooo hectic, what with dealing with the acquaintance i have staying while he gets on his feet again.  
i wanted to share with you a few of the things that have been keeping me going, as one of my kind of 'understood' resolutions is to [continue] eating the most whole, low glycemic foods as possible; and better than that, find wonderful and nourishing things that anyone can really enjoy.

note: anyone, not just type 1 diabetics can(and should!) enjoy these as they are all low glycemic, high fiber and au naturale.  some studies i read recently are actually showing that low glycemic may have more of an important impact than merely looking at high fiber and leaving it at that:  

apple flax meal muffins. 
worth a measly 8 grams of carbohydrate, these pack quite the fiber punch (5 grams!)  i enjoyed these all week, finding i barely needed a morning dose of insulin.  i will provide the recipe when i get it perfected, as it is adjusted from one i got from the low carb diet on  the problem is that the author of that site is promoting a lot of splenda and weight loss and often 'weird' carbohydrate alternative-eating, in my humble little type 1 opinion.  i understand people have a hard time, i just feel like there are ways to adjust recipes to be simply more slow-burning and naturally sweetened than to take the over-processed, unnatural route.  low carb is great, but slow-burning carb makes it even better; hence flax meal and....

coconut flour and berry muffins.  
again, i'll provide the recipe later, but wow!  so yummy and they've got that heaviness that i think often comes with why you crave such a 'treat'.  however, again, they're worth very little in carbohydrate and yet are full of good carbs and fiber and taste good with a dark chocolate drizzle, so can be 'transformed' into a mid-afternoon or evening dessert!

straight and pure coconut milk splashed onto berries. 
i love this so much!  i've been eating it for breakfast, for snacks, for dessert!  seriously, just buy pure coconut milk in the can, chill it if you can (because it'll thicken nicely in my opinion), pop that top and voila!  you've the most lovely little treat your heart desires!  (that is, if you're into coconut...) 

chocolate almond milk cocoa, with cardamom.  
this has been a great treat for me.  if you buy unsweetened chocolate almond milk and find you just must sweeten it, use erythritol, which i've found has no effect on blood sugar whatsoever (they aren't lyin'!)  however, i think it can stand on its own feet at 2 grams of carbohydrate per cup.  then, once you've added the cardamom (a wonderfully warm and sensual spice from a pod, often used to treat broken hearts) you have a winter drink sure to make you cosy up with your [hopeful] honey or... a good book (if you're getting over a broken heart.)   :)


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