Wednesday, January 21, 2009

miracle pasta~

ok, not really.  when you really want that 'pasta-y' bite but maybe (like me) you can no longer really handle a good bit of pasta without your blood sugar going through the roof.... (rolling drum)

enter the shiratake noodle.
2 grams of carbohydrate (you read that right.)
blood sugar balancing (read on.)

now, when you click this link, don't freak on me and say ohmygoshyou'reintolowcarbdieting?!

nonono, but aren't we all at least into lower/slower burning carbs a little?  haha.  no, they are not an atkins-approach (ie, low carb/high protein.)  they'll go easy on the kidneys because they are pretty veggie based; unlike those stupid "jerusalem artichoke" pastas you see at whole foods markets (notice the first ingredient guessed it! wheat! artichoke pasta my ass!)

anywho my friends, i think these noodles are pretty impressive.  i've used them a couple of times now, and am sharing them as a gift to my bestie type 1 gal (big shout out to lovely lady lisa!) they're also pretty cheap, easy to make on the fly, and can be used in a variety of ways: noodle dishes, desserts, salads....
they kind of remind me how tofu can be used, but...taste better to some people who may not like tofu's taste and/or texture.

when i was researching them more for my friend, i just had to post because of this simple fact: 
they're full of fiber!
wikipedia kindly informed that the fiber is glucomannan, which is "40% of the dry weight of the konjac plant."


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