Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fat and fiber~

fiber and good fats, that is!
i was talking with a friend today about how magnificent fiber has been for me.  ya, while  JAMA came out with a new study showing that (in type II) low glycemic index foods may be better on the blood glucose than high fiber (cereal, that is).  i can't help this (sorry):  yo, guys at JAMA:   
any type 1 coulda told you that, like, duh.

i'm sorry, did that sound arrogant?! 

who reading this ever had good luck with cereal?  i couldn't eat that crap (even "high fiber") even before i got type 1!!! ahhhhhhhh!!! and where is all this money going for research?!

anywho, back to what i was saying about fat and fiber.  this conversation was brought about all because i'd had some peas for the first time in like, forever.  and damn, they were good! yaya, i know you Bernstein freaks are like, "but that's a starchy vegetable!"  but let me tell you, just because with peas and corn you've got to take your insulin does not mean  you're getting a pure sugar.  take the numbers i got from my handy nutritional info on the back of those happy little peas: 
12 grams carb for 1/4 cup 
5 grams fiber and man! 6 grams of protein!
what's all this mean?!  it means that you're gonna burn those little peas til the cows come home!  
i had such a great experience eating peas the other night, they were filling and yummy (made them with some smoked pepper and fresh garlic) and voila!  what a tasty and fibrous side! 
of course you want to know: 
yes, my sugar did excelente.
by the way, my new diabetes educator (i love you, dee!) gave me the best advice since making my new forced-friend: with high fat and fiber (cheese, avocado, berries, nuts, dark chocolate, ice cream, pure yogurt...can you tell i eat mediterranean?) take your whole insulin dose for it after you eat.
you heard that right: after.  
now, i must say that i don't like standardized diabetes advice, so i tell you that heavily insisting you experiment for yourself like i did.  but manohmanohmanohman (as my little 2 year old buddy ethan says)
i'm doing  great with this new way.  my insulin actually gets the chance to catch up with the processing carbohydrate after the fat or fiber's made it's way through my tummy, and i am on the road to an excellent post meal number. [insert kiss to malfunctioned peabody here.]  this is way better than what was happening before when i'd even split my dose in half as a little before, a little after: halfway through my meal i'd be getting horribly low because the fat or fiber was holding things up, then keep crashing even after finishing, fix that uh, 42, and ta-da: 220 in an hour! and all because by the time the actual carb made it's way through, there was no longer any insulin available to cover it. fun!
i want a functioning pancreas!  hey, i want a non-confused immune system! 
ya, i know you love it too.  
and it all started because of an avocado!
figuring out this biochemical pathway is my new jesus. 
i do take a teeny tiny bit of my dose before just to get things going, but what i'm actually trying to cover---the carbohydrate within the berries or icecream or cheese or avocado on the salad or sandwich...i take that dose after. 
either way, it's good to slow down some of that carbohydrate, even when it's wholesproutedgrainorganicnosugarunrefined...bread.  it's still not a seed on a stem growin' in some field-o-wheat, right? 


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