Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sometimes it's the brush with death that brings you back to life~

just read an article that moved me.  i want to share it with you because it moved me ohsomuch
i think the best part is when they actually get into how people with chronic disease "have a close brush with their own mortality, and sometimes experience a reaction akin to separation anxiety. a separation that in this case, is from life".   
the article is very moving in that it tells us how often people 'wake up' up because of their brush with death and begin to do things they never thought they could do, try being the healthiest person they ever imagined.  
i mean, eh, we can all do better. but i've mentioned before how type 1 can 'wake a person up' (or whatever your experience is that wakes you up, for that matter) but it's always inspiring to read of someone with brain cancer who figures they can just... keep kickin'. 

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