Sunday, April 5, 2009

on colds and eating clean~

so i had a pretty bad cold this past week.
    my first time 'officially being sick', since uh, GETTING type 1 last year, of course....
    not too bad!  i mean, other than the feeling of niagra falls being constipated inside my sinus cavity.  but my neti pot took care of that.
    but i was really nervous about being sick for the first time with type 1, to be sure it's much worse with the stomach flu (my poor type 1 friend, lisa!) because then you've actually got something really serious to worry about: ketoacidosis.  however, dehydration and vomiting were not on my list of worries this time 'round, so thank goodness for that, eh? 
   however, since i've always eaten 'superclean' whenever i've gotten colds, this time was no different.  but i definitely noticed something different:  i got to see my blood sugars, right?  and as this one doc said, "if there's any advice she can give to anybody (diabetic and nondiabetic alike) regarding health:  keep the blood sugar in balance. 
   whew!  i had no problems!  and it's not because i ate like a rabbit.  feed a cold, starve a fever, as they say, no?  
   well, i did eat a lot, but as i said, i ate really 'clean', as i call it:  tons of veggies, broths, herb teas...and no dairy or refined sugar.  
   as we all well know though, you can't avoid the simple fact that all food, eventually (even a bit of that protein in your chicken) turns into glucose, or at least has an intimate relationship with it. because everything is about fuel; everything you eat is about energy, and that energy is all about glucose. 
but wow, i gotta tell ya, really taking that extra precaution, really taking care to avoid the junky-junk... was simply amazing for my blood sugar!
  by the way, 'the nourishing gourmet' offers sound advice we could all use regarding health and hydration during a bad cold...not just for kids.   superb broths!
   of course, it's hard.  (it's not like i'm headed to raw-foodie land, friends).  and not because i'm some kind of refined-sugar-dairy-frappacino-fried-food-addict.  it's just the idea of leeway, right?  because i had that cold, i didn't feel a lot of leeway simply because i felt ill.  i wanted only herb tea and fresh greens and soups and lean meats.  but now...sigh.  now i'm back to craving some hazelnut coffee in the morning.  now i want some cookies.  (even if they are 'organic'---what does that mean, anyway?!) 
but that cold really put my overall health into perspective. 
    and i always think i eat so well.  people always tell me how amazed they are at how well i eat.
it makes me laugh, because as my honey's mom said:
"there's no such thing as a 'diabetes diet', there is only a 'healthy diet', and we should all be on it!" 
so true!  certain fats, sugars, and forms of cooking should really be viewed as treats (or cut out completely, oi!) because the inevitable spike in BG a person experiences, is just not worth the stress caused in trying to 'keep up' when eating foods like that.  there are so many other options! 
    so, i learned something new.  not new, something was just... reinforced.  we'll see how long my 'lesson' lasts, eh?  haha, i'll be honest and tell you i had some chocolate coconut milk ice cream after dinner tonight and it was damn good. (better than regular ice cream, right? by the way, you should try it...super yummy!)
   ultimately, what i'm trying to say is that i agree with good ole' michael pollan: 
                           "eat real food.  not too much.  mostly plants!"

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